Frequently Asked Questions in Online Auctions

What about the current bidder number I already have with C&A?
Current bidders with C&A will have to sign up for a new account.  Bidder numbers are no longer being used, and you will now log in with an email and password.  If you currently have a bidder deposit on file with us, please email:

Is there a mobile App?
Yes, the most effective way to bid in our online auction is to download our app!

How to Register and Bid?
Download an informational pdf Registration Guideline or watch a video to start bidding on wholesale items up for online auction.

How often are your auctions?
Our general warehouse and public auto auctions are held every first and third Wednesday each month. Auctions held off-site at a specified location are typically held on the other Wednesdays of the month.

When can I bid?
Online bidding for our auctions begins on a Friday and runs five days, closing on the following Wednesday.

Can I set a Max Bid?
When bidding is enabled for an auction, a wise choice is to place a Max Bid for the highest amount you are willing to pay for that item. When you set a Max Bid our bidding system will place a bid on your behalf, always placing the lowest bid necessary to keep you in the auction. Your bid will only increase when you are bid against by other manual or maximum bids, never going above your Max Bid amount. The highest bid at the end of the auction will prevail.

Do you have any live auctions?
Yes, our public auto auctions are open to online bidding from Friday - Wednesday, with live bidding opening on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm. All live bids will now be entered as online bids starting at 2 pm. Online bidding will continue to run simultaneously during the live auction. All items extend 1 min if a bid is placed last minute!

When can I inspect auction items?
Inspections for our general warehouse and public auto auctions are held on Tuesday, the day before our auctions close and Wednesday, the day of the auction.  Off-site auctions typically have one day for inspection on Tuesday, the day before the close of the auction.

What’s a buyer’s premium?
A buyer's premium is an additional charge, usually a straight percentage, that a buyer is charged based on the hammer price.  Our general warehouse and public auto auctions have a 10% buyer’s premium.  Auctions held off-site at a specified location typically have a 15% buyer’s premium.  There is no buyer’s premium on our bankruptcy auctions unless noted otherwise.

How do I pay for my items purchased? 
We accept cash, cashier's check, certified funds or wire transfers (with a $25 fee) for payment. We do not accept credit cards as a final payment.

Will I receive an invoice?
Yes, invoices are generated after ALL auctions have ended and are sent to the email address you enter upon registration.  All items require PAYMENT-IN-FULL and an authorized receipt prior to removal.

When can I pick up my items?
Payment and pickup are Thursday and Friday following the auction. Items should be removed from the premises by 4:00 pm the second business day following the auction.  Larger items that require special equipment to remove will be granted additional time, but removal must be scheduled by appointment.  Removal shall be at the expense, liability, and risk of the purchaser.  Cunningham and Associates personnel may help you load your assets although it is YOUR responsibility to bring your own assistance to load-out the items you have purchased. It is a courtesy to help you loadout if time permits. Our personnel is not required to help you load-out.

How can I consign with Cunningham and Associates, Inc.?
If you’d like more information on our consignment process, feel free to contact us:

Can I have my items shipped?
We do not ship items but you can arrange to have your items shipped or picked up at our Mesa, AZ location depending on the auction. We also offer 3rd party shipping recommendations.

Do you have a minimum order policy?
No minimum order requirements.