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Cunningham & Associates Auctions is one of the nation’s leading online commercial and industrial auctions and  appraisal companies; specializing in UNRESERVED auctions of heavy equipment and machinery, intangible assets including oil and gas rights, intellectual property, judgments, real estate, aircraft and aviation, tools and equipment, commercial and industrial inventories and the sale of general assets. We are the #1 source for bank-owned, foreclosure and bankruptcy assets. You’ll also find consignment items such as cars, recreational vehicles and trucks, firearms, household furniture, appliances, tools, artwork, jewelry and much more at our bi-weekly online and Phoenix auction house location.

Chapman Scottsdale - Lifts, Alignment Racks and More!

  •   Jul 19 @ 9:00AM MST (Start)
  •   Jul 24 @ 12:30PM MST (End)
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Inspection Times:

15% BUYER'S PREMIUM - Automotive lifts, alignment racks, car wash, tire machines, shop equipment, office furniture and equipment, demolition items, swamp coolers, air conditioners, roof vents and fans, roll-up garage doors, warehouse shelving, lighting, copper salvage, electrical salvage including transformers, glass doors and wall panels and MORE!

Bankruptcy: Plastic Injection Mold Company

  •   Aug 16 @ 9:00AM MST (Start)
  •   Aug 21 @ 12:00PM MST (End)
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Inspection Times:

BANKRUPTCY - NO BUYER'S PREMIUM - Bankruptcy of plastic injection mold company in Scottsdale. We will do a bulk sale for any buyers who want to take it as a going concern in place, and we will also offer it piecemeal. Whichever the Trustee deems to be the best for the Estate is the way we will sell it. The bulk sale will be contingent on acceptance of the winning bidder by the landlord.

SILVERADO Intellectual Property & General Intangibles

15% BUYER'S PREMIUM - Intellectual property and general intangibles of Silverado Charter Services, LLC. DATE FOR THIS AUCTION COMING SOON...

Bankruptcy: Raptor, Cadillac and Ford Torino

BANKRTUPCY - NO BUYER'S PREMIUM - Featuring: 2018 Ford Raptor SVR F-150, 2018 Cadillac CTS, 1969 Ford Torino Fastback Cobra Jet 428 and MORE! DATE FOR THIS AUCTION COMING SOON...

Auction is the most effective and efficient way to sell any asset.  Whether you have personal property like machinery and equipment, intangible assets like oil and gas rights or intellectual property, or real estate, the Cunningham Family Auction Companies are YOUR best way to establish market value.

Visit our auction companies to determine which is best to sell your valuable assets: = Real Estate = Industrial Equipment and Industrial IP = Nationwide Bankruptcy Assets and Local Auto Auctions

We look forward to seeing you at one of our auctions! Please contact us with any questions.